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LinkedIn Profile Audit

How to review, capture and back up your LinkedIn Profile | taught by Jo Saunders
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Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Program
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ACTIVITY 1 - Capture your current profile
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2. Conduct Your Audit
ACTIVITY 2 - Conduct the audit
Print this LinkedIn Profile Audit
LinkedIn Profile Audit details (16 min video)
What is your SSI?
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ACTIVITY 3 - Back Up your Profile
How to Back Up your Data
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Schedule a regular LInkedIn Profile Audit
What are your biggest LinkedIn frustrations right now?
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LinkedIn Transformation Program - Publishing & Content Marketing
LinkedIn Transformation Program - Company Page Strategy
LinkedIn Transformation Program - Profile Building

Course description

When did you last audit your LinkedIn presence?

We have seconds to make a great first impression. What impression is your LinkedIn profile making right now?

Is it helping your clients to be known, remembered and chosen by more people in your target market?

Whether you and your clients are looking for new customers, new contracts or opportunities, your audience are looking for you online. If you cannot be found and get lost in the crowd, how will they know how perfect you are for them?

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network and a publishing platform among other things, and is the go to tool for many professionals. A well-written profile will show up on Google and could even out-rank your website.

I'm Jo Saunders, known as the LinkedIn Demystifier, a leading LinkedIn expert in Australia. I guide professionals and organisations in setting up and using tools such as LinkedIn effectively and efficiently, with personality, and have been actively learning and teaching LinkedIn since 2010. Connect with me: http://www.linkedin.com/in/josaunders

You are invited to join the LinkedIn Transformation Program

I have trained thousands of people in how to set up and use LinkedIn through mentoring, and workshops and now online courses.

Before Transforming..... Capture Where You Are Right Now

Do you want to...

... build and boost your professional brand?

... be the go-to-expert/organisation in your field?

... take up the first page go Google results?

... attract more leads and opportunities?

... be known remembered and chosen?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, have some time and are ready to invest in yourself, then lets get started!

If you want all this but have no time, then chat to me about my other profile building, mentoring and management services.

Ready to get started?

I look forward to helping you transform your profile into a personal landing page to showcase your talents and expertise, and build an online profile that increases your profits and brings you opportunities.


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Jo Saunders
Jo Saunders
LinkedIn Demystifer

Jo Saunders is a personal branding and content marketing consultant and educator known for demystifying LinkedIn. She is passionate about inspiring individuals and organisations to use social media tools to connect and communicate effectively and authentically, to build relationships and attract opportunities.





Jo Saunders

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